Sounds of RVA

The internet is a funny place.

Well… I suppose it’s not actually a place. It’s a thing. A network. A series of tubes, much like the ones used to transport endorsed checks between you and the bank’s drive through teller. The fascinating thing, though, is that it feels like a place. The virtual spaces we visit so that we can interact with people who share our interests feel just as real as the 7-11s we hit up for coffee on the way to work — even more so in some cases, given that a diligently updated blog can be front-and-center in your consciousness several times a day, if you’re equally diligent about reading it.

Though I’ve never met Sarah Moore Lindsey in person, her words regularly occupy that front-and-center position, thanks to Sounds of RVA.

I was reminded of just how large a role her blog plays in my day-to-day life when I read her recent interview with RVA Magazine, which did a wonderful job of highlighting the ways she makes Richmond a better place for musicians and music fans alike. Between the daily updates on her own site and her weekly On the Horizon column, the value in what she does always shines through, which is why it’s so rewarding to see that the virtual space she’s created will manifest itself physically tonight at Strange Matter in the form of a second anniversary celebration!

In just a few hours, Sounds of RVA will ring in a third year of bloggin’ with a show featuring The Hotdamns, Lightfields, Bearstorm, Sacred Teachers and one of the first Richmond artists I got into when I started writing You Hear That, Josh Small. Doors open at 9 and the cost is $5. I can think of no better way to show your support for a service that Richmond simply wouldn’t be the same without. Click here for more details on the show, and look below to check out the outstanding one-two punch that brings the first half of Josh Small’s Juke to a close, “Water Wings” and “Sing Song.”

Josh Small — “Water Wings” [Spotify/iTunes]

Josh Small — “Sing Song” [Spotify/iTunes]

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