Toxic Moxie

Toxic Moxie

As July was winding down, WHEN I WAS STILL IN MY 20’S — Where does the time go? — I got to sit down and chat with a truly wonderful group of disco-punk-playing people who, together, go by the name of Toxic Moxie.

I met them at their practice space, which is nestled deep in the underbelly of Metro Sound and Music on Broad Street, and we got to talking about all sorts of fun stuff. Their musical backgrounds. What they’d been listening to lately. Their debut EP, Episode IV (yes, they’re Star Wars fans, and yes, they talked about not going back to do episodes I through III to make a point).

It was a great conversation, and I boiled the highlights down to the article pictured above, which can be found in the September/October issue of West End’s Best magazine, in the River City section. You can read the interview online here, or, if you’re a fan of the glossy, papery stuff, you can pick up a hard copy for free at a number of spots around town (my personal favorite is the newsstand just outside the Byrd Theater).

When you’re done taking one or both of those actions, there are two essential next steps:

  • Click here to sample/buy their EP, Episode IV
  • Click here to watch their killer video for lead single “Talking Hands.” It’s the bloodiest, funniest, zombiest thing I’ve seen since Shaun of the Dead (Danny on the toilet pushed me across the literal laugh-out-loud threshold) and it’s a great way to get to know a band that has the distinctiveness to make a big splash in Richmond and beyond.

Toxic Moxie — “Talking Hands” [Bandcamp]

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