See that menacing-looking bloke in the Jurassic Park shirt? That’s my brother-in-law Brian. He’s married to my sister and plays guitar in the Chicago-based metal outfit, Czar. I’m exceedingly proud to report that one of the tracks on Czar’s upcoming album No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive (due out November 5) just got exclusive premiere treatment from Revolver Magazine

Seeing Czar perform songs off their debut album Vertical Mass Grave at Strange Matter ’round about a year and a half ago was a major eye-opener for me. I learned about how melodic metal can be, and about the euphoria that comes from feeling like those melodies are occupying every single cubic centimeter of space in your brain. (I also learned that Brian’s a ridiculously good guitar player.) Check out the Revolver feature here and check out the song, entitled “Aortic Flower” below to see if you experience the same euphoric feeling I did.

Czar — “Aortic Flower” [Soundcloud]

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