Positive No

Alley Cat

Ever wonder what it looks like when an alley cat tries to gatecrash a music festival but is repeatedly denied entry by a volunteer who can’t resist adding insult to injury by taking pictures and speaking in Eric Cartman’s “No kitty, this is my pot pie” voice? Well, wonder no longer.

A stink eye for the ages, if you ask me.

When I reported for duty at Gallery 5 just before 4 p.m. on Saturday of Fall Line Fest weekend, my first task involved hovering around the door and making sure this little guy/gal didn’t sneak in. It was heartbreaking work, but the official doors-open time hadn’t arrived yet, and the cat didn’t have valid I.D., so there wasn’t much I could do. A short time later, I helped Positive No drummer Willis Thompson unload gear from his car, kicking off a cycle of load-in creation and tear-down destruction that, much to the delight of my ad-hoc bosses Tracy Wilson and Kenny Close (also members of Positive No), stayed on schedule all night long.

It was a great experience.

With Bryan Walthall working sound and Tracy and Kenny making sure us volunteers knew what to do, no amp went un-hauled, no performer went without bottled water, and a whole string of sets got started according to the start times advertised on the Fall Line Fest website. Tracy even tweeted about it, filling me with a sense of pride for having played a small part in the night’s success:

Tracy tweet 2

The satisfaction I derived from those four hours spent at Gallery 5 has stuck with me since, as has the strong first impression that Positive No made on me during their room-filling lead-off performance. I spent the majority of their set by the ticket-taking desk, keeping a lookout for bands who might need help loading in, but I caught enough to have been wildly impressed: with Tracy’s energetic lead vocals, with Kenny’s crisp, explosive guitar playing, and with the way Willis Thompson and bassist Josh Quarles worked together to both elevate and guide the most frenetic moments.

After having seen all of this firsthand, I was thrilled — but not the least bit surprised — to see that Rolling Stone used its “Daily Download” feature to shine a light on one of the tracks from PN’s upcoming album Via Florum. Check out the Rolling Stone post here and sample “Georgia Purchase Agreement” below. Oh, and if you happen to see that cat skulking around Gallery 5, please tell him/her that I’m sorry and that it might be time to invest in a fake I.D.

Positive No — “Georgia Purchase Agreement” [Soundcloud/Download]

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