Mrs. YHT and I are Amtrakin’ it up to New York City for the weekend, snow accumulation be damned. (If we see Jay Z, we’ll tell him you said hello.) I’d like to leave y’all with a musical away message that doubles as a show recommendation:

The song is “Goliath FTW” by Mittenfields (you can hear the rest of their EP here) and you can see and hear the band at Gallery 5 tonight, along with Clair Morgan, Those Manic Seas and Ocean vs. Daughter. It promises to be a great show, and I’m very jealous of those who get to be there, but someone has to root for Mason Plumlee at tonight’s Nets game (yes I’m wearing a Duke jersey, and yes I’m scared).

Mittenfields — “Goliath FTW” [Spotify/iTunes]

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  1. If you’re still in town, go see Spires on Sunday at 11:30am (you read that right) at Brooklyn Bowl. Great psych-pop band – they levitated the Mercury Lounge last time I saw them. Also, Saturday night is the first of two Gene Clarke tribute concerts at Music Hall of Williamsburg – featuring ROBIN PECKNOLD!

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