Yasiin Gaye

yasiin gaye

My fingertips are still sore from that protracted Truckers recap I posted on Wednesday, but I wanted to sneak in a quick post about something I’ll be listening to over the weekend.

I have a drive up to PA ahead of me, and I’m going use that time to finally check out Yasiin Gaye, a Yasiin Bey/Marvin Gaye mashup album that bandmate 4eva Doug emailed me about a few weeks back. I’ve heard only the song below, but it’s enough for me to know that this concoction has much more going for it than a clever pairing of names. Click here for a free download of the tracks that comprise the project’s Side One (apparently another half is on the way).

Happy Friday!

Yasiin Gaye — “Inner City Travellin’ Man” [Soundcloud/Bandcamp]

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