Why You Should Vote Today

Game of Thrones

The list of Record Store Black Friday releases is available, and guess which deliciously ominous TV theme music is being pressed to vinyl?


That’s right – they’re releasing the music from Season 1 of Game of Thrones, which includes the terrifying theme that plays over the opening credits. I love it – it’s so scary and fun and sets such a fitting mood for what follows. Violence. Deception. Plot developments I don’t remotely understand. Hot damn, I love Game of Thrones.

I thought I’d post the theme music today in case some of you out there were considering not voting in this midterm election.

Take a listen to it below. I’ll wait…

That’s the sound of an ancient hellscape where self-proclaimed kings and queens make diabolical, confusing decisions and normal people get very little screen time and are as likely to die a horrible, bloody death as they are to have a speaking part.

We, on the other hand, do have a speaking part — we get to vote. We get to decide which people make decisions for us, hopefully avoiding the people who will be diabolical and confusing. It doesn’t work 100% of the time, but it’s better than the hellscape-y alternative, and the best way to keep humanity from reverting to a world as ominous and spine-rattling as Ramin Djawadi’s amazing theme music is to vote.

As I mentioned two years ago, thanks to some grade-A assholery, Virginia voters have to show a photo ID. Here’s a list of acceptable forms of ID:

voter IDImportant note: As I understand it, if you go to a polling place (click here to find yours) without an acceptable form of identification, you can still cast a provisional ballot and sort out the ID part afterward.

Enough chatting — go out and vote!

Ramin Djawadi — Main Title (Game of Thrones theme) [Spotify/iTunes]

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