Yellow Ostrich

David Bowie

The picture of David Bowie above does two things:

  • Serves as the artwork for the A+ “Sound and Vision” cover Yellow Ostrich just posted to Soundcloud (they recorded it for the “Colors” episode of Radiolab, which is one of my favorite podcasts and quite possibly the best edited form of entertainment in the known universe).
  • Accurately sums up my feelings about the week that’s currently coming to a close. I feel like the look on Bowie’s face could make some poor, unwanted soul slowly back out of a room and go running in the other direction once he or she closed the door. That’s what I’d like to do with this week. Just… leave.

Hope y’all have a wonderful (and, if necessary, therapeutic) weekend!

Yellow Ostrich — “Sound and Vision” (David Bowie cover) [Soundcloud]

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