Hoax Hunters

Hoax Hunters

Look at you. You’re exhausted! This week has taken its toll, hasn’t it? What’s that? You say you’re just going to pick up a six-pack on the way home and drink it in your pajamas while watching episodes of Pawn Stars you’ve probably already seen before? That you’re going to use the weekend to “recharge the ol’ batteries”?

That’s crap, and I have just the thing to wake you up from your weekday-weary stupor.

To mark the second anniversary of its first release, Negative Fun Records just released a Hoax Hunters bonus track titled “Manteeth” — an evolutionary version of the song that first got me listening to Hoax Hunters. It’s about as fast and direct a blast of energy as you can get without breaking the law or consuming 2000% of your daily recommended B6 intake.

Listen to “Manteeth” below and click here to snag Hoax Hunters’ full-length, Comfort & Safety.

Hoax Hunters — “Manteeth” [Bandcamp]

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