Record Store Day

When I Reach That Heavenly ShoreIn what is already or is now becoming a yearly tradition, I’d like to nervously post about an album I’d really like to get on Record Store Day but secretly want to say nothing about on the off chance that someone in front of me in line at BK Music will see this, get excited about what I’m excited about and grab the last copy seconds before I can…

[takes a deep breath]

I have a FOMO problem. Me and Record Store Day were made for one another.

I’ve read quite a few ambivalent or outright negative things about Record Store Day this time around, and while I’m all in favor of a conversation about whether the event is doing all it can to keep the focus on helping independently owned music retailers, there’s one point you can’t argue down: RSD results in the release of some really unique and amazing stuff.

Case in point: When I Reach That Heavenly Shore. NPR did a First Listen of this haunting gospel compilation, and I’ve held off on buying it because I was hoping it’d be pressed to vinyl. This has required serious self control, because it’s not on Spotify, and the NPR stream has long since been taken down. Still waiting around for that Second Listen. Here’s hoping it happens on Saturday.

See y’all in line!

Edward W. Clayborn — “Let That Lie Alone” [Soundcloud]

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