Laura Marling

Step 1: Immediately click on the link in this Pitchfork tweet about Natalie Prass’ performance on Jools Holland. Watch video of Prass’ A+ performance.

Step 2: Scroll down to the video for Laura Marling’s performance of “Strange.” Quickly get frustrated when it becomes clear that the audio and video are synced up like three quarters of a second apart.

Step 3: Continue watching. Slowly transition to amazement at how her voice being disembodied clarifies certain qualities. The turns up and down. The notes she chooses to sing and the ones she doesn’t. The devastating way she speaks the blind truth of a situation.

Step 4: Post to blog, hoping the audio and video stay out of sync so other people can enjoy the song the same way.

[Editor’s Note: The Jools Holland video has been taken down :/ I’ve replaced it with another live version. The timing thing isn’t there, but the song and her voice are astounding nonetheless.]

Laura Marling — “Strange” [Spotify/iTunes]

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