Built to Spill

Built to Spill

I remember seeing the (completely awesome) cover art for Untethered Moon while I was at BK Music on Record Store Day, and I’d guess that’s what made me want to try it out. This is my first experience with Built to Spill, and given their long history, I felt a little like an interloper — much like I did listening to the album Sleater-Kinney released this year.

There’s a certain inertia you have to overcome in those situations. Counting yourself out of an established tribe is so much easier than trying to wiggle your way in. But that’s a crappy way to think, isn’t it? Bands wouldn’t release new albums if they wanted to keep their world exactly as it is/was. New music is meant to be heard. (Besides, I just read that Built to Spill recently changed their lineup, so I’m not the only newcomer here.)

I really like Untethered Moon, especially “Some Other Song,” which has a dark opening that gives way to this wonderfully heart-swelling melodic theme. Like a spacious, somewhat chaotically decorated room that makes you feel bigger and inspired just standing in it. On a somewhat smaller scale, I love the section just before the one-minute mark that’s structured like the first two-thirds of a 12-bar blues cycle. Such a fun and fleeting clash of styles.

Not familiar with Built to Spill? Interlope with me — check out “Some Other Song” below.

Built to Spill — “Some Other Song” [Spotify/iTunes]


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