Alabama Shakes

I have a new favorite post-gig routine. I get home, put on soft pants, crash-land on the couch and open up my laptop to see if I can find a concert streaming somewhere. It started a while back with Bonnaroo/Coachella streams, but it’s getting easier to find streaming video on random Fridays, and I love it. There’s a specific type of satisfaction associated with playing music for people and then getting to relax while watching someone else do it. (It reminds me a little of those restaurants that open at midnight and serve people from other restaurants who are just finishing their shifts.)

The video above isn’t live, but it’s recent — “Gimme All Your Love” from Alabama Shakes’ April 10 Coachella performance.

I spent most of their set coiling microphone cables, but the bit that I got home in time to see was dynamite. I haven’t said much about their new album, but it’s in heavy rotation at YHT HQ. It’s an incredibly fun record, and it also strikes me as incredibly smart. Success is always precarious, but the Shakes’ was especially tricky. They came up so quickly and could have been swept up in the wave of derivative soul that’s still rolling through in 2015. Instead, they took their tight and tested formula and put it to work in a bunch of different contexts on Sound & Color. It’s still them, it’s just that there’s so much more of them to like now.

Hope y’all are enjoying it too, and I hope everyone’s embarking upon a great weekend. If anyone knows of a concert that will be streaming on the east coast around midnight…

Alabama Shakes — “Don’t Wanna Fight” [Spotify/iTunes]

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