CD Monday

Local Natives

File this one under “Albums I liked but didn’t spend enough time with.” I do listen to “Colombia “frequently, but I’ve lost touch with the rest of Local Natives’ Hummingbird. Gonna fix that this week.

I got this a little while after my mom gifted me a year’s WNRN membership that included a CD being mailed to my house each month. I tend to be more proactive about new albums and artists (never been a Pandora fan, rarely listen to radio when I’m not in the car), so having someone curate my music library was a little disorienting. Healthy, though, in the sense that the control-freaky side of my personality — the side that keeps a spreadsheet of all my records and plays gatekeeper when making decisions about what to buy — could stand to take a chill pill every once in a while. And I would be very sad if “Colombia” weren’t in my life, so thank you, Mom. Loved this gift, love this song, and love you.

Local Natives — “Colombia” [Spotify/iTunes]

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