The Trillions

The Trillions

Been so anxious to share this: My interview with the brilliant and talented Trillions went up late last week over at Richmond Navigator. You can find it in print in River City Magazine — copies should be hitting newsstands this week.

One thing I have to add:

I hinted at this in the opening of the article, but I can’t tell you how cool the setting for this conversation was. We were in the back room of Hardywood’s warehouse building on a day when the whole park was packed to the gills, and it hits me that I’m sitting in the brewery’s second building (the one they expanded into)… talking to the band about their fantastic second record… asking Chris questions becoming a father (his is the second Trillions baby)… the symbolism was everywhere. It felt like the world was getting bigger in so many ways. And it is, isn’t it? I’ll let the Trillions guys correct my physics here, but the universe is expanding in all directions, and this particular corner of the universe — this city, the musicians that live here, the fans who get to enjoy what they’re doing — is expanding in especially meaningful ways right now. Charlie Glenn summed it up perfectly toward the end of our conversation: “More. Better.” I wish y’all could have been there with me at Hardywood to feel the power and truth of those words when he said them.

Click here to read the rest of the conversation over at Richmond Navigator’s site, and listen below to Superposition standout track “Right ’til Proven Wrong.”

The Trillions — “Right ’til Proven Wrong” [Spotify/iTunes]

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