Sam Reed

Sam Reed

I’ve been spending lots of time with Sam Reed’s new This Is Love album, and two general impressions have settled in. The first is that this is a very good album. The second is that the start of This Is Love goes hard.

After a short, spoken invocation, we’re hit with two tracks — “Come Inside” and “Real Feel Sound” — that are as intense and attention-grabbing as they are intricately assembled. Both are bursting with ideas, vocal textures, and production techniques that span the R&B spectrum, stylistically and chronologically. There’s so much density there, and so much care was put into them — I have a hard time imagining a soul or R&B fan listening through without finding moments to love and grooves to get lost in.

The rest of the album is wonderfully balanced, with melody-driven tunes, the spacious “Love Ain’t Free,” a super-fun left turn in “Astrobelt” and more, but I can’t get over how strongly the album’s start grabbed me. Congrats to Sam Reed, Devonne Harris and everyone over at Jellowstone. This is great stuff.

Sam Reed — “Come Inside” [Spotify/iTunes]

Sam Reed — “Real Feel Sound” [Spotify/iTunes]

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