CD Monday


Happy Monda…

[checks calendar]

Oh. OK, in my defense, I’m just getting back from a 4-day weekend, so it’s Monday to me.

Spoon is helping, though. Mrs. YHT and I spent some time in Alexandria over the long weekend, and we got our first taste of the Old Town night life since her parents moved there last year. Our first stop was a nearly empty steak restaurant that was playing what may have been a Fall Out Boy Pandora station. They definitely played Staind. It was exceedingly bizarre. The second spot was better — a noisy upstairs bar with a cover band that was playing Spoon’s “Don’t You Evah” when we walked in and the Toadies’ “Possum Kingdom” when we walked out. Works for me.

[Editor’s note: As you’ll see in the comments below, the awesome proprietor of AnEarful just clued me into the fact that “Don’t You Evah” is actually a cover! It was written by a band called The Natural History and the original version is dynamite as well. Listen to it here.]

Spoon — “Don’t You Evah” [Spotify/iTunes]

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