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A very special CD Monday today, y’all. The RVA Playlist 5th Anniversary party is this Thursday at the Broadberry, and I’m very sad to be missing it due to out-of-town-ness. But Andrew was kind enough to give me an advance copy of this incredible compilation he’s assembled in partnership with Triple Stamp Press. It’s a thoughtful and immaculately assembled representation of the music community RVA Playlist has done so much to support. From the track list to the materials used, it really is stunning.

The anniversary show at the Broadberry promises to be just as stunning. GoldrushJonathan VassarNo BS! Brass BandBig Mama Shakes kicking everything off… raffle prizes from Plan 9, RVA Coffee Stain, Friday Cheers, the Coalition Theater and the Broadberry… copies of this awesome anniversary mix… lots to get excited about. And while I’m decidedly unexcited about not being able to come, I’m super excited for the folks who get to be there to enjoy it, and I’m psyched to have #75 of the 100 hand-numbered copies of Andrew’s mix. (Word to the wise: Get to the Broadberry early if you want to snag one. Music starts at 8, and if any show has a chance of starting on time, it’s this one.)

Click here for tickets — $5 in advance, $10 at the door — and if you see Andrew, tell him happy blog birthday for me! Here’s track one from his mix — the anthemic and addictive “End of the Road,” by Fun Size.

Fun Size — “End of the Road” [Spotify/iTunes]

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