Moon Taxi

Very excited for tonight’s Friday Cheers. A big part of that has to do with getting to see Sleepwalkers do Sleepwalkers things. It’s been too long since I’ve seen them, though I’ve enjoyed following along on social media as they’ve melted faces all over the country with J. Roddy and others. When the Cheers schedule was announced, my eye jumped to this show because I love this venue for them. Their sound is big and can easily fill that beautiful Brown’s Island space. Their writing is versatile, meaning that olds, youngs, moms, non-moms, country mice, city mice, babies and barflies alike can enjoy. It’s a pre-summer highlight waiting to happen.

Another very special moment is brewing… “River Water” by headliner Moon Taxi is so well suited for a Friday Cheers show it seems star-crossed. Like, I’m-so-vain-I-probably-think-this-song-is-about-me type stuff. With the James River running just to the band’s left, these lyrics would hit wonderfully close to home:

We spent the night
Under the stars all alone
And it was like
Nothing else that I’ve ever known
And all we heard
Was the sound of the wind through the trees
And all we felt
Was the chill off the water in the breeze
And we danced in the river water

Fingers crossed they play it. Get your tickets here, check out an acoustic version above and the album version below. See y’all there!

Moon Taxi — “River Water” [Spotify/iTunes]

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