CD Monday

Joe Pug

I was driving up (well… down and over, then up) to Chincoteague while Joe Pug was playing in Richmond on Friday, so I’m deploying Messenger as tactical redress.

I bought this when Pug opened for Justin Townes Earle at the Southern in Charlottesville in 2010. I also bought his Nation of Heat EP on CD, and I made it weird by asking him to sign that too. He probably thought I was trying to resell them or something, but nope — just really good at making things weird. It’s a gift #blessed

Below is a live version of personal Messenger favorite “How Good You Are,” which says:

Everything that you were meant for
Everything that you were born to do
Does not need you to do it
Someone else was born to do it too

To those of us with with anxiety surpluses, this kind of perspective realignment is such a breath of fresh air. Like Courtney Barnett’s reminder that “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party.” Maybe “Nobody Really Cares If You Awkwardly Ask Them to Sign Multiple Merch Items at Once.”

Joe Pug — “How Good You Are” (live) [Soundcloud]

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