CD Monday

Dana Buoy

A special CD Monday for the start of summer…

Dana Buoy is the ultra-sunny alter ego of Akron/Family’s Dana Janssen, and I can think of no better way to say embrace the hot-ass (ass-hot?) months ahead than to play Summer Bodies nice and loud through open car windows. OK so my windows were only open this morning because the part needed to fix my car’s AC is on back order, but whatever — the overall effect was extremely uplifting. Like something that’s colored brightly and always floats because it’s less dense than the liquid it’s in…

I got this signed back in 2012, when Janssen opened for Youth Lagoon at Washington D.C.’s Rock & Roll Hotel. Summer Bodies hadn’t been released yet, but he was selling copies anyway, and I’m really glad he was. I come back to this album often, sometimes as running music, other times when my mood is sinking and needs to be pulled back up to the surface…

All buoyancy jokes aside, this is some potent stuff, and I’d recommend it highly, especially this time of year.

Dana  Buoy — “The Anatomy Of Now” [Spotify/iTunes]

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