CD Monday


Congrats to JR JR on the new name! I loved the NASCAR reference, and I’d be lying if I said their old name wasn’t part of why I started listening to them, but it’s definitely not why I’ve kept listening to them. The Speed of Things was an excellent follow up to an excellent debut, and I know that spinning the copy I picked up at BK Music a while back is going to make my week markedly better.

One more note on the name change: If you’re interested and have a few minutes, I highly recommend reading the statement the band released about removing “Dale Earnhardt.” It’s heartwarming as hell — the interactions between the band and the driver have been consistently kind and mutually supportive, and it sounds like this decision was made for the right reasons. Always a joy when people you admire are kind to each other.

Try out a favorite from The Speed of Things and a new favorite from their upcoming album below.

JR JR — “Run” [Spotify/iTunes]

JR JR — “Gone” [Spotify/iTunes]

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