CD Monday**

Loose Fur

Two asterisks for this week’s CD Monday** — one for the fact that it’s not, strictly speaking, Monday, and another for the fact that Loose Fur’s self-titled album won’t actually be spending the week in my car. I’m lending it to Bandmate 4eva (and partner in Wilco-related crime) Doug, who I texted ASAP after finding a vinyl copy at Little Amps Coffee in Harrisburg, PA on Saturday. 

Little Amps is home to a small but incredibly well curated vinyl selection — I’m consistently amazed at how fun and surprising and improbably comprehensive their collection is. Always a few jazz classics, always a generous offering of Icelandic music, always independent artists I’m not familiar with but want to be… Also Colin Stetson — there’s always Colin Stetson, which is never a bad sign. My wife’s parents recently moved out of Harrisburg, so there are fewer and fewer Little Amps opportunities, sadly. (One opportunity I’m especially sad to be missing is Positive No’s upcoming performance there on October 2.)

The CD may not be spending this week in my car, but my new vinyl copy has been getting plenty of spins. To paraphrase Joey from Friendswhen he enthusiastically defends Rachel’s sweet and savory dessert disaster while wolfing it down — “What’s not to like? Jeff Tweedy? Gooooood. Glenn Kotche? Gooooood. Jim O’Rourke? Gooooood.”

Loose Fur — “Laminated Cat” [YouTube/iTunes]

2 thoughts on “CD Monday**

    • Aside from “Radio King,” I don’t think I’ve heard any of this Golden Smog stuff. Listening to Weird Tales now — thanks for the heads up! (P.S. Keep an ear out for the “Heavy Metal Drummer” lyrics in “Chinese Apple”!)

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