CD Monday

Romeo and Juliet

Been eyeing this one with CD Monday in mind for weeks. It’s Mrs. YHT’s copy — note the PA-based radio station sticker in the top right corner. Side note: Flipping through a high school CD collection that’s not yours is just about the funnest thing ever, especially when you’re in a friend’s room that was left alone since the start of college. You get to laugh at the crappy music time wasn’t kind to, shake the dust off the good stuff and pop it in whichever boombox they had, marvel at how many flashing lights there were on boombox displays… The 90’s were a wild time, man.

[preachy diatribe about the benefits of physical media redacted]

OK, so you’re probably thinking “Please tell me he’s not going to post that melodramatic song from when Leo and Claire Danes ogle each other through the fish tank.” But here’s the thing: I’m a sucker for a particular type of Baz Luhrmann soundtrack song. In Romeo + Juliet, it’s “I’m Kissing You.” In The Great Gatsby, it’s “Young And Beautiful.” In Moulin Rouge, it’s “Your Song.” I just can’t resist sappy romance filtered through anachronism. It’s like catnip. I’d sprinkle it on the floor and roll around in it if I could. If you can deny “I’m Kissing You,” more power to ya — all I’m saying is that if you pull up next to my car this week and a single tear is slowly making its way down my cheek I’M FINE LEAVE ME ALONE WHY COULDN’T SHE HAVE WOKEN UP LIKE 2 SECONDS EARLIER???

Des’ree — “I’m Kissing You” [Spotify/iTunes]

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