Team YHT is on a grandparent visit in Florida this weekend (I believe this is the first time anyone’s gone to Florida to ride out a hurricane), but I have a “What I would be doing” recommendation for all you wet and wild Richmond folks: Anything and everything Diamond Center.

There’s an in-store today at Steady Sounds, there’s a record release party tomorrow at Black Iris… the whole weekend is a well-earned celebration of the band’s new Crystals for the Brass Empire album, which was released a short time ago via a trio of labels: Egghunt, Steady Sounds, and Funny Not Funny. Crystals is excellent; I got my vinyl copy a few Fridays back and felt transported — each track felt like it was dropping me on the set of a different old movie. There’s so much drama and personality to enjoy, and I can only (and will have to) imagine how those dramatic scenes play out in the live setting. But you don’t have to imagine! Go to Steady Sounds! Go to Black Iris! Have a great weekend and stay dry!

The Diamond Center — “Bones” [Spotify/iTunes]

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