CD Monday

Jason Mraz

Another Baby YHT pick.

Fun fact: The first concert I went to by myself was a Jason Mraz show at the Norva in Norfolk. I had two tickets and couldn’t find a taker for the second one, and it started looking like I was going to miss it… Then the epiphany hit: I can just go, stand there, listen, clap, leave, not talk to a single person, and feel damn good about the whole thing. And that’s exactly what I did. It was so freeing knowing that my enthusiasm for a show would never again be subject to someone else’s. (There’s a lesson there about music in general, I think…)

Concerts offer introverts an amazing loophole. Normally we have to worry about being in public alone, because strangers can (GOD FORBID) start a conversation with us at any moment, but being an introvert is actually advantageous when it comes to seeing live music. Less talking = more onstage moments observed = deeper connection with the people doing the performing. Ironic, eh?

Jason Mraz — “Tonight, Not Again” [Spotify/iTunes]

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