The Extragavanza


Like I said — lots going on tonight.

Extravagant happenings are brewing at the Broadberry, Strange Matter, and En Su Boca, as the Extragavanza is set to unleash more than a dozen bands before the night is over. Among those set to perform are DIIV, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Wolf Eyes, No Joy, and Richmond standouts like The Trillions, Avers, and the Snowy Owls.

I was very sad to hear that Fall Line Fest would not be happening this year, but organizers have engineered a sure-to-be joyful thing in the Extragavanza, and you can partake by checking out the lineup here, visiting one or two or three of the participating venues, and gorging yourself on gorgeous music. Just look at those Soundcloud embeds below! So colorful! This collection of groups is eclectic, exciting and well worth your hard-earned Friday night.

DIIV — “Dopamine” [Spotify/iTunes]

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires — “Sweet Disorder!” [Spotify/iTunes]

Wolf Eyes — “T.O.D.D.” [Spotify/iTunes]

No Joy — “Hollywood Teeth” [Spotify/iTunes]

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