CD Monday


This was an emphatic Baby YHT pick. She’s pulled Keep It Together off our CD rack about a dozen times, so you could say this CD Monday has been a long time coming. Maybe she knew that they’d be playing a show in Richmond on a Monday (tonight at the National) and has been trying to tell me the whole time! Maybe she just likes playing with CDs and making messes. I’ll be sure to ask her when I get home.

I’d love to blame Baby YHT for the cracked jewel case, but I’m pretty sure the wear and tear you see above has been gradual. I’ve listened to this album quite a bit since it came out in 2003, and unlike the packaging, the music hasn’t aged a bit for me. Still love “Amsterdam” (listen below), still love the Ben Kweller cameo (say that five times fast), still love that Joe Pisapia was involved (one of those “can do no wrong” musicians for me)… lots of love for Keep It Together.

Listen to “Amsterdam” below and click here for info on tonight’s show at the National.

Guster — “Amsterdam” [Spotify/iTunes]

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