CD Monday


I grabbed this on the way out this morning in hopes of getting a get-shit-done boost this week. Christmas shopping. Year-end lists. Prepping to join Doug Nunnally for his Sound Gaze retrospective spectacular on Saturday morning. Lots to do.

But I hadn’t listened to Pocket Symphony in a while, and I forgot about track two — “Once Upon A Time” — which is practically an ode to procrastination. “Don’t try to be on time,” eh? YOU’RE NOT HELPING, AIR.

The best is “I’m a little boy, you’re a little girl, once upon a time” — no matter how you slice it, there’s something weird happening there with tense, like they’re blanketing the present over the past. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, it’s an invitation to hang out in limbo and philosophize about whether time is real and whether you’re overthinking the whole thing because it could just be bad French-to-English verb conjugation.

Still need to get shit done this week.

Air — “Once Upon A Time” [Spotify/iTunes]

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