New feature for 2016!

I love those alchemical experiences when you’re eating or walking down the street and you hear a song that crystalizes the moment, transforming whatever you’re doing into pure bliss or awe or gratitude. I’d like to start documenting those here, starting with a song I heard during lunch today at Stroops Heroic Dogs.

Stroops is the hot doggy offshoot of Dutch & Co., which used to feature a fancy dog once a week for just an hour. The tradition now has its own home a few doors down Marshall St., and while I was digging into an RVA Dog (pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, and crab cakes — amazing), they played a version of “Seven Nation Army” I hadn’t heard before. Siri was kind enough to tell me it was Nostalgia 77. I thought the horns were even more prominent — maybe there’s a remix out there I’m missing — but here’s the closest version I can find.

Nostalgia 77 — “Seven Nation Army” [Spotify/iTunes]

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