CD Monday

James Supercave

A kickass signed test press of James Supercave’s debut LP was spinning at YHT HQ all week, thanks to a lucky like and comment on Plan 9’s Instagram feed. It came with a CD copy, so I’m rolling with it in the car this week.

I wasn’t familiar with the group before this, but I enjoyed what was available on Spotify when the contest was posted, and I’m all in on Better Strange. It has a remarkable consistency to it — as a whole, it maintains a cohesive groove and quality without the tracks running together. The net effect points to a strong foundation and a high ceiling, the kind of statement any band would kill to make with a first LP, and the whole thing feels like a win-win-win: I have a unique version of Better Strange; it was, ya know, free; and I’ve connected with an album I might not have if Plan 9 and the band hadn’t teamed up to offer the contest.

Driving around this week is going to feel like one big victory lap.*

*Speaking of victory laps, Denny’s last lap at Daytona is the best thing that’s ever happened and I’ve never been prouder to rock my #11 license plate holder.

James Supercave — “Burn” [Spotify/iTunes]

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