CD Monday


Mrs. YHT comes from a family of devoted WXPN listeners. Her parents still listen regularly despite having moved from Harrisburg, PA to Northern Virginia, and Robert Drake’s “Night Before” Christmas music marathon has become a really fun tradition. Every year, my brother-in-law manages to garner an on-air shout-out via Twitter, which means that every time Drake pauses the marathon to list songs and make announcements, everything stops. Abruptly. Whoever is talking is aggressively shushed and we wait to see if he’ll mention us. (Keep in mind there’s a fair amount of red wine involved.) It’s hilarious. “Shut up he’s talking!!!”

Mrs. YHT’s dad passed along this sampler CD a couple weeks back. The Langhorne Slim song on there is one I especially enjoy. Listen below.

Langhorne Slim & The Law — “Strangers” [Spotify/iTunes]

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