Negative Gemini


FiveThirtyEight, y’all. It’s more than just a black hole absorbing and reinforcing your ever-expanding election anxiety.

They did a really neat article last month about “Amen, Brother” by The Winstons, which currently ranks as the most sampled song of all time. A part of it called the “Amen Break” is used in more than 2,000 songs. Wild, right?

Also wild is the fact that, immediately after reading that article, I clicked over to Spotify to continue listening to Negative Gemini’s excellent new album Body Work and there it was –in the very song I resumed playing, “Real Virtual Unison (Fake Edit),” which you can check out below. Talk about your head exploding — it felt like a glitch in the matrix. Like Laurence Fishburne was about to offer me pills. I guess the Amen Break’s prevalence is why I was reading the article in the first place, but still… it was spooky. Happy almost Halloween, y’all.

Anyone reading this get Body Work on vinyl? I’m antsily waiting to see that a store around here has copies. Might get a speeding ticket on the way there when I do.

Negative Gemini — “Real Virtual Unison (Fake Edit)” [Spotify/iTunes]

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