Just got back from having a family breakfast at Sugar & Twine in Carytown. Mrs. YHT and I decided to do something special this morning to try to distract ourselves from what just happened, though the song that was playing when we got there — Thom Yorke’s “Black Swan” — could not have been more timely.

This is fucked up… fucked up…

I don’t know what’s going to happen, both in the bigger sense and in terms of what’s going to happen with this blog. More posts, less posts, I’m not sure. There’s a chance posts will be more consistently political. I hope that they’ll still be optimistic and positive. We’re going to need optimism in the years ahead, but I’m planning to look inward and evaluate the ways I’m spending my time. Am I doing everything I can for my family? For my community? Can this blog help in any meaningful way?

Lots of thinking to do.

Thom Yorke — “Black Swan” [YouTube/Discogs]


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