Friday News and Notes


Just two quick things:

  • As I write this bullet, it’s Thursday night, Mrs. YHT is sleeping next to me on the couch, and I’m listening to Songs of Love and Hate via headphones. It’s the first time something’s been spinning on the turntable since before the election. RIP Leonard Cohen. I know he said he was ready to die, but emotionally speaking, this is rain falling on saturated soil.
  • Very much looking forward to seeing the Truckers tonight. I admire American Band so profoundly. It’s more than an indictment. It’s that too, but it also points toward some greater level of understanding of this twisted situation we’re in. The Truckers have always treated the people in their songs like people — one reason Isbell’s writing fit so harmoniously in their repertoire — and regardless of how righteous the anger I’ve felt over the past few days may be, I’m going to need that kind of empathy to move forward from this week. We all will. Maybe tonight’s show will provide a head start.

That’s all I got, ya’ll. Have a great weekend. Be nice to people and hug the ones you love extra tight.

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