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As shock from the election wears off, the question of how to move forward looms large. Growing numbers of demonstrations and walk-outs offer a preview of how freedom of assembly can and should be used to oppose discriminatory rhetoric and practices. You can donate to worthy organizations who will face uphill battles in the years ahead. Subscribing to a newspaper seems like a solid response at the moment — never has it been more important that we commit to gathering information from reputable sources.

In addition to marching in the streets, there are other ways we can stand beside one another, and I thought I’d point to one gesture I admired:Doug Nunnally’s special “I’m With Them” Sound Gaze podcasts, which were posted over the weekend. Nunnally assembled more than six hours of songs by woman musicians — three curated by him and three more curated by other woman musicians. At a time when gender dynamics seem to have been set back decades overnight, it’s more important than ever to amplify the voices of those who are forced to fight against marginalization, and I think that’s what Doug is attempting to do here.

There are a zillion amazing artists included in these six hours, so I recommend chipping away a little at a time as I am, but I thought I’d close with a track from a personal favorite who was included in “I’m With Them,” Lianne la Havas.

Lianne la Havas — “Midnight” [Spotify/iTunes]

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