Friday News and Notes

Broad City

Happy Friday! A few news and notes items before you hit the club:

  • Congrats to Clair Morgan on the USA Today/FTW song premiere! Very exciting to see this record off to a great start, because it’s damn good and lots and lots of people need to hear it. Can’t wait to spin my vinyl copy. Be sure to check them out tonight at Hardywood!
  • THIS IS NOT A DRILL… BATTLES IS REISSUING MIRRORED. This has been on my holy grail list for a while — one of the albums I’m most jealous that my sister and brother-in-law have and I don’t. I seriously check the “B” section of every record store I go into, just in case. Very excited about this development.
  • I found a used copy of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s Yanqui U.X.O. this week. Such an interesting album. I actually hadn’t heard it, but recognized the cover and gave it a listen in the store. Really tense and beautiful, but one of the most compelling things about it is when it was released. Post 9/11 but pre-Iraq invasion. What an eerie time to look back on.
  • Gorgeous new song from Moses Sumney. Feels like he’s pushing into more realized territory with each song he releases. (Here’s a thing I wrote after seeing him open for Sufjan.)
  • I have a gig Saturday night at Capital Ale House opening for the SteppinStone reunion, but another great Saturday shindig will be happening over at the Broadberry with Southern Belles. Either way, you can’t lose.

Three of the last four teams in the tournament will lose between now and Monday… hope yours wins!

Kopecky Family Band

Kopecky Family Band

So as it turns out, trying to encapsulate my Fall Line Fest experience in a single post is preventing me from writing anything at all about it. That’s no fun. I want to share a bunch of pictures, I have a great video of No BS! Brass Band covering “Thriller,” there’s a cat story… it’s just too much to cram into a single serving. So I’m heeding the advice issued in The White Stripes’ “Little Acorns” and taking things one at a time.

My very first Fall Line Fest experience came via Kopecky Family Band, the Camel’s Friday night closer. I made it to the Camel just as the preceding act was tearing down — right on schedule, to everyone involved’s credit — which gave me the opportunity to watch the venue’s stage side clear, start to fill in again, and eventually become crowded with gold-wristband-wearing, excited, eager-to-sing-along supporters whose enthusiasm was rewarded handsomely.

While the highs of the show were certainly high (I’m speaking literally here — as you can see from the picture above, certain members of the band would climb things at particularly elevated moments), the quietest moments are the ones that have stuck with me most.

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