White Laces

White Laces

I was very sad to see the news yesterday that White Laces are breaking up. I’ve said this a few times before, but they’re the band that made me want to turn this blog’s attention to the trove of musical talent that Richmond has to offer. That was back in 2011, not long after I started You Hear That, and I can honestly say that decision — and by extension, the group’s self-titled EP — changed my life. The way I plan my days, the relationships I have with other Richmond writers and musicians… I’m not sure what all that would be like had I not picked up their EP at Deep Groove that day.

I’ve written about White Laces and number of times — most recently in praise of their No Floor album — and I thought I’d post a few links as tribute to all the enjoyment and meaning the group’s music has brought me. Think of it as a chronological oral history told by this one fan.

May, 2011: My first post about the band, when I picked the EP at Deep Groove.

September, 2011: About being late to RVA Music Fest but still getting to see them play “Sick Of Summer”

January, 2012: About getting the White Laces/Arches split 7-inch in the mail

August, 2012: My review of Moves

November, 2012: An interview I did with Landis in the wake of the release of their “Heavy Nights” video

October, 2014: My post celebrating the release of Trance

October, 2016: My review of No Floor

I’ll close with a quick copy and paste from the post I wrote when Trance came out, because it feels just as fitting now:

This is an excellent opportunity to pause and look at how justified and good our pride in our city really is. That groundswell doesn’t depend on the success of any one artist or band, and it won’t be made or broken by how many copies of Trance are sold, but when music with such vision and craftsmanship becomes available to the world at large, we can all walk a little taller and listen a little more loudly, whether that’s to White Laces or another band that’s part of the bright and exciting spectrum that comprises the Richmond music community.

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