Between the Olympics, the beach, and the Outer Banks’ miserable Internet situation, I had some serious blinders on last week. Some might say, “Well duh, that’s the point of going on vacation… getting away from it all.” Those people probably also say things like “This flip phone does me just fine,” and “Don’t forget to type the ‘www.'”

I feel pretty lucky though, because I came home to an overgrown inbox that was crawling with fun stuff waiting to be watched/heard. My homecoming email catch-up started off with a bang when I clicked on a link to the YouTube video above. Wow. Just… wow.

I knew K-pop was out there. Looming. Gaining in worldwide popularity. But I’d never seen it with my own eyes, and I had no idea how “out there” it really is. Allow me list for you some of the things that appear IN THE FIRST MINUTE of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video.

  • A beach scene that could have been taken straight out of an Old Navy ad
  • A child in a wife-beater dancing like Michael Jackson
  • Horse stables
  • Women having an unidentified white foam flung in their faces at high speeds
  • Sauna cuddling
  • Two old men playing a board game
  • A party in a bus that’s been pimped-out with pink seats, flamingos, colored lights, and disco balls

That’s just the first minute! There’s so much more. Those old men get blown up. PSY screams at a girl’s butt while she’s doing yoga. People dance like this en masse… I’m telling you, it’s amazing. It’s one of the most colorful and enjoyably overblown things I can remember seeing, and you’re talking to the guy who just wrote two posts about the Olympic opening ceremony. By the way, I don’t usually plan out my Halloween costumes this far in advance, but I’m praying this video blows up in the U.S. so I have an excuse to purchase and wear a tennis-ball colored suit and matching Adidas (Adidases? Adidi?). So, so dope.

These visual elements make the video share-worthy on their own, but the song itself is a perfect dance-pop confection. Resistance is futile. This is way too much fun. Listen below and check out the video above while I try to talk myself out of starting a dedicated K-pop blog.

PSY — “Gangnam Style” [iTunes]

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