James Brown

James Brown

[Editor’s Note: This is Part II of (what I just decided is called) the Super-Concise Black Friday(ish) Record Spree Recap. For Part I, click here.]

Super-devoted YHT readers already know I had eyes for the Live at the Apollo record pictured above. I was on the fence about waiting to find an older, used pressing vs. caving and buying a reissued one, but I caved in spectacular fashion, buying shiny, new reissues of both Live at the Apollo and Pure Dynamite! from Little Amps Coffee’s Green Street location in Harrisburg, PA.

Listen. I’m not the first person to experience a breakdown in self control on Black Friday, and I’d like to think mine was a bit more dignified than, say, this. I can’t say I regret it, either, because both are absolutely electric, with as much music and precision as you can possibly pack into two sides of a record.

Check out “I’ll Go Crazy,” from Brown’s Apollo performance, below.

James Brown — “I’ll Go Crazy” (live) [Spotify/iTunes]

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