Dr. John

Dr. John

[Editor’s Note: This is Part III of the Super-Concise Black Friday(ish) Record Spree Recap. For Part I, click here. For Part II, click here.]

Got this one from Little Amps’ other location, on the corner of State and Second in downtown Harrisburg. Also a reissue, I believe. This location’s collection was even smaller, but I wanted to take approximately half of it home, including a copy of Dr. John’s In The Right Place that I managed, somehow, to release back into the wild. I couldn’t resist this one, though.

I’ve since read about how upset Atlantic was about releasing it and how it didn’t sell particularly well. Hindsight can be so satisfying, can it not?

Check out the title track below.

Dr. John — “Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya” [Spotify/iTunes]

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