Positive No

Positive No

When I put together my Lagomorph entry, there was one interview I couldn’t pull from, because it hadn’t yet hit the interweb. Now it has, and I hope you’ll check it out.

It’s with Positive No, proprietors of one of my favorite albums from 2013 — Via Florum. I met up with Tracy and Kenny at Portrait House right around when this year’s batch of gingerbread stout was coming out. We got to sit and talk about music for more than an hour, and I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to speak at length with two such talented and knowledgeable people. I squeezed my favorite bits into this West End’s Best article.

Here’s the bit I would have added to my Lagomorph submission. Call it a postscript.

Positive No
Conducted in person, December 2013

I love Via Florum’s cover. What went into the design?

Kenny Close: Via Florum means “the flowering way,” or creating beauty out of something that isn’t necessarily beautiful to begin with. It’s like being in a band. Hard things happen, and you make art out of that. That photo’s from an abandoned school — you look at an abandoned school and say “Oh, that’s gross,” but all these really nice photos came out of that shoot.

View more from the interview here, and listen below to Via Florum highlight, “Mercurious E. & Broth.”

Positive No — “Mercurious E. & Broth” [Spotify/iTunes]

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