Nelly Kate

Nelly Kate

I’ve dedicated this week to catching y’all up on some of the extra-blog writing I’ve done lately, and there’s one more piece I’d like to share — my recent interview with Nelly Kate.

Kate’s is a singular, visionary talent. She’s someone who thinks deeply about the art she creates, which made our September interview an absolute joy. We met over lunch at Tarrant’s downtown, talking about everything from the installations she was working on to how she assembled the rig she uses to perform her solo shows, and the highlights made it into this West End’s Best article. Unfortunately, the article’s intro didn’t completely make it in, so I thought I’d paste it below for posterity’s sake.

Few musicians exhibit the vision and devotion that Richmond artist Nelly Kate lives and breathes. Whether she’s organizing a Kickstarter to press her 2012 album, Ish Ish, to vinyl, showing a sound installation or using keyboards, pedals and electronics to perform unaccompanied Casiotone pop, Kate works tirelessly to inspire listeners and push experimental envelopes. With a new installation scheduled for Black Iris Gallery in December, we met to talk about her work, her plans and the toy that became an integral tool.

Click here and navigate to pages to 50 and 51 read the article.

One quick addendum: Kate’s Black Iris sound installation — titled “Low Frequency Travel Agency” — has been extended indefinitely, so be sure to check it out!

Nelly Kate — “Blue Badges” [Soundcloud]

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