Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney

Days like yesterday are why I love reading and writing about music. All of this happened within the span of a few hours:

  • Went to the YHT comments section to find the names of the two artists AnEarful recommended in relation to my Flying Lotus post.
  • Listened to Moses Sumney’s Mid-City Island EP. (Spotify calls it a single, but 5 tracks and 15 minutes screams “EP” to me.)
  • Listened to Taylor McFerrin’s Early Riser album.
  • Listened to Mid-City Island again
  • Listened to Mid-City Island again.
  • Responded to AnEarful, saying that the way Sumney uses his voice reminds me of Panda Bear (who just released his own dynamite EP in advance of a full-length album due out in January, which may explain why he was front-of-mind).
  • Decided I needed what I was hearing on vinyl.
  • Asked the Internet whether there was a physical release of Mid-City Island (there wasn’t).
  • Found out that Sumney recorded a cover of one of my favorite songs released in the last 5 years, James Blake’s “Lindisfarne.”
  • Started mouth-breathing.
  • Found out that Sumney released a limited-edition 7-inch in conjunction with this year’s Record Store Day.
  • Panicked.
  • Emailed record store to find out if they had any copies or could still order one. Subject line: “A shot in the dark.”
  • Calmed down by listening to Sumney’s version of “Lindisfarne” over and over.
  • Fell into a rare state of bliss.

It was a good day.

Listen to Sumney’s take on “Lindisfarne” below and check out the excellent Mid-City Island EP in its entirety here. Mouth-breathing may result.

Moses Sumney — “Lindisfarne” (James Blake cover) [Soundcloud]


3 thoughts on “Moses Sumney

    • Listened to the Song Reader track yesterday! Great stuff! For whatever reason, I’d totally skipped over Song Reader, but I’m glad I gave the rest a listen as well. Jack White’s track is pretty great, and Jason Isbell can do no wrong in my eyes at the moment, so I enjoyed one as well. Thanks for pointing me in its direction!

  1. So glad to see this post on Moses. He’s on the verge for sure. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with him and seeing him perform live here in NYC twice now. These tracks to absolutely no justice to watching an entire room sit in enraptured silence live as he coos and loops and claps his way into their hearts.

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