CD Monday

Rob Ickes

Would everyone love to hear Rob Ickes play some yazz dobro?

What? We’re done quoting Anchorman? Fine, but you can pry “Milk was a bad choice” from my cold, dead hands.

This is another Mom Jones pick, and its track list is incredible. Ickes takes on “Take The A Train,” “Caravan,” “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” two Wes Montgomery tunes, a Hank Williams classic… all while exhibiting a tonal precision I’ve never heard from the dobro. The feel of the instrument remains intact — earthy, twangy, old — but the notes are so pure and nimble that it’s easy to forget (or maybe disbelieve) that he’s using the instrument he’s using.

Check out his “Caravan” below. I’m pretty sure it would amaze even that asshole teacher from Whiplash. And I’m very sure Ron Burgundy would approve.

Rob Ickes — “Caravan” [Spotify/iTunes]

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