Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween, y’all! Things I wish for you today:

  • Infinity candy
  • A costume that makes people squint their eyes and then go “Ohhhh I get it! That’s clever.”
  • A show at which two of your city’s best bands play their own sets then team up to cover one of rock’s iconic albums, with a costume contest thrown in for good measure, the spoils of which include a vinyl copy of one of rock’s iconic albums.

That third one may seem like an even taller order than the first two, but it’s really happening! Tonight! At Strange Matter! Sleepwalkers! Trillions! $5!

As for the costume contest, I think I have mine figured out. It involves duct tape and will seem lazy at first, but who knows — maybe I’ll be the one to take home the copy of Is This It that Deep Groove is sacrificing at the altar of Halloween fun. Talk about a “Blessing In Disguise” 🙂

See y’all there!

Sleepwalkers — “Frankenstein” [Bandcamp]

The Trillions — “Blessing In Disguise” [Spotify/iTunes]

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