CD Monday

The Strokes

It took me approximately .0135 seconds to decide which CD I’d drive around with this week.

A quick recap of Saturday’s show at Strange Matter:

  • It was very fun.
  • Charlie Glenn’s Julian Casablancas was excellent — sunglasses, leather jacket, the whole thing — as was Mike Bryant’s Albert Hammond, Jr. Well done all around.
  • That’s the best I’ve ever seen a shark play bass.
  • I went as “That guy who wears the shirt of the band he’s going to see” (complete with both Sleepwalkers and Trillions shirts), and while I didn’t win the costume contest, I was psyched about who did: A couple dressed as Gene and the can of mixed vegetables from Wet Hot American Summer. I can only assume that when they got home they put on their snazzy new copy of Is This It and started fondling sweaters immediately.
  • Concert photography is hard, and I continue to be terrible at it, but I took a few photos I wanted to share nonetheless. You’ll notice they’re all black and white and super dark — that’s definitely because I’m trying to mimic the Strokes’ original, gritty aesthetic, and definitely not because I’m trying to hide my photographic failings. OK, maybe a little of both. Either way, I thought these turned out pretty well:

Is This It 5

Is This It 1

Is This It 2

Is This It 4

Is This It 7

Thanks for a great Halloween night, guys. Below the Strokes’ “Last Night” you can hear “Big Bat” — the seasonally appropriate tune the Trillions released on Saturday. Inspired by a real bat encounter!

The Strokes — “Last Night” [Spotify/iTunes]

The Trillions — “Big Bat” [Soundcloud]

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