CD Monday


Been on a big Wilco kick lately.

It started a couple weeks ago, when I snagged a used copy of Sky Blue Sky at Steady SoundsSky Blue Sky was the first studio album Wilco released after I started getting into their stuff, and I’d guess the timing helped it find the special place in my heart it occupies. It’s also their first studio effort to feature Nels Cline, which is a whole other milestone. “Impossible Germany,” man. Make all the dad rock jokes you want (and I do) — that song is excellent, thanks in no small part to Nels.

Over the weekend, I saw A.M. on Plan 9’s Instagram feed, booked it down to Carytown, traded in a few random albums I had two copies of, and walked out with a snazzy, translucent orange Vinyl Me Please pressing. I’m pretty sure Baby YHT can now recite the lyrics to “Passenger Side,” for better or for worse.

Keeping it rolling by spinning Being There in the car this week.

Wilco — “Sunken Treasure” [Spotify/iTunes]

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