CD Monday

Fiona Apple

This is where I hopped on the Fiona Apple wagon. Been a happy, devoted passenger ever since. I still get that displaced, uncanny feeling during certain Extraordinary Machine songs, like the leaked version of the album I first heard was the real one and these tracks are remixes, but it’s been a really long time since I heard the leaked stuff — not even sure I still have it — so that feeling is more faded than ever. Like a ghost that just kinda shrugged its shoulders and started walking away.

Speaking of giving things up, I gave this to Baby YHT to hold while we were walking out to the car this morning and she refused to give it back. I buckled her into her car seat and calmly said “If you want to listen to this music, you have to let go.” And she did. What a kid. Either she:

A. Is getting easier to bargain with
B. Really likes Fiona Apple
C. Really hates Morning Edition
D. Knows that it’s her mom’s copy and desperately wanted to cling to anything mommy-related because mommy being in a different room or somewhere else these days is ABSOLUTELY A REASON TO PANIC WHY AREN’T YOU PANICKING TOO DADDY WE’VE GOT A REAL SITUATION ON OUR HANDS HERE

Fiona Apple — “Not About Love” [Spotify/iTunes]

One thought on “CD Monday

  1. You forgot E. All of the above!

    Tidal was on repeat in thousands of boomboxes around my college campus when I was in school, but I really only got into Fiona Apple with When the Pawn…. I agree that this album took things to a whole new level though. I’m solidly entrenched as a fan. With an album every 5-7 years, maybe we’ll get something new here before too long?

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