Tournament Album Coverage, Vol. 2

Couch Cat 2

For those of you who missed Volume 1 of YHT’s Tournament Album Coverage, I spent last weekend glued to my couch, watching the first rounds of the NCAA Tournament in a most gloriously sloth-like fashion. I can think of no better occasion for acting like a shut-in and no better way to enhance the experience than muting the television and choosing your own soundtrack for each game. (There’s only so much of Jay Bilas’ voice I can take before I just start yelling at the TV screen like a crazy person.)

With a few exceptions, things took a decidedly more contemporary turn after Friday night’s Garfunkel-fest. Below, I’ve posted the art for everything my friends and I listened to on Saturday and Sunday, along with a sample song and a context-free quote from someone in the room about each record.

Beach Boys

Beach Boys — “I Should Have Known Better” (Beatles cover) [Spotify/iTunes]

“I really like their mid-range harmonies, when Brian Wilson isn’t singing falsetto.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr — “Simple Girl” (Chuck Daniels Remix) [Spotify/iTunes]

“Should we listen to Dale Jr Jr remixes or Pretty & Nice?”

Pretty & Nice

Pretty & Nice — “Capsules” [Spotify/iTunes]

“GodDAMN, Kevin is a nasty drummer.”

Bob Dylan/The Band

Bob Dylan/The Band — “Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)” [Live] [Spotify/iTunes]

“Why is Bob Dylan yelling at me? What did I do wrong?”

[Editor’s Note: This was actually internal monologue. Had Mrs. YHT not been out of town, one of us would have almost certainly said this out loud. Actually… strike that — had Mrs. YHT not been out of town, this record would not have made it on the turntable.]

A. A. Bondy

A. A. Bondy — “When The Devil’s Loose” [Spotify/iTunes]

“His name’s A. A. Bondy, like M. Ward with just one “M”… which is weird because he kinda sounds like M. Ward.”

Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich — “Marathon Runner” [Spotify/iTunes]

“Did you know he really is a marathon runner? He runs, like, a shit-ton of marathons.”

Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke — “Bring It On Home To Me” [Spotify/iTunes]

“Pick something with yellow on the cover.”
“Well I know what I want to pick, but it’s not really the right mood.”

[30 seconds pass]

“Fuck it, I’m putting it on anyways.”

James Blake

James Blake — “Fall Creek Boy’s Choir” (feat. Bon Iver) [Spotify/iTunes]

“This is definitely not the right speed for this album.”
“I was gonna say, this has a real Alvin and the Chipmunks thing going on.”

As it turned out, that really was enough thunder. After James Blake, I switched to TV sound for the Duke game, which happened to be the last of the weekend. Thanks for following along — depending on how this weekend goes, there may be more Tournament Album Coverage to come!

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